Titanic – the Movie Vs. The Actual Titanic Story

Most of us have seen Titanic – the Movie. The 1997 movie became the second highest grossing box office movie in the history of Hollywood soon after it was released. James Cameron made a movie that won the hearts of Hollywood movie fans and remains popular to this day. However, a historian named Ron Dalton, claims that the movie Titanic is only 90% accurate.

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Why Should You Take A Titanic Walking Tour?

Titanic walking tours are fun to take just like many other Belfast tours. However, there is more to these tours apart from having a good time. A lot of people visit the titanic Dry-Dock every year to see it themselves instead of looking at it in the movies or documentaries. There are many other reasons why people take the Titanic walking tours as well. If you aren’t sure whether you should take this tour or not, you are about to get your answer.

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Harland and Wolff Shipping Yard – Revisit History in Northern Ireland

The story surrounding the Titanic has touched hearts around the world making Belfast, a hot spot for tourists and Titanic enthusiasts. Billed as the unsinkable ship, the RMS Titanic met its fate on April 20, 1912 sinking into the Atlantic taking with it over 1700 lives. The story of Titanic is no doubt grim and heart breaking but looking back in history, there are a few pleasant aspects of the amazing ship that we can cherish. Today’s post will focus on one such aspect, namely the place where the RMS Titanic was built, the Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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